OpenCart extension Request price / quote

OpenCart extension Request price / quote

January 3, 2017   Continuous

The best method to integrate quotation-functionality for Default Theme in OpenCart.
- Brand New

This extension will replace 'Add to cart' of all zero priced products to 'Request price'. It will also replace the item price to 'Available on request'. Try now!

'Excellent plugin and excellent support'


  • Price request items will also be added to the cart.
  • Your customers can buy a priced product and request a quote in the same checkout.
  • The on-page quick cart displays 'Quote'.
  • The cart page and order confirmation mail will display 'Available on request' and 'Quote'.
  • Uses the internal modification system OCMOD, so there is no need to change any core files.
  • New in v1.4: Support for OpenCart v2.3 and above.
  • New in v1.2: Hides also the item tax.
  • Future updates included.

Works with OpenCart v2.x versions.