OpenCart extension Full width slider

OpenCart extension Full width slider

January 15, 2017   Continuous

The best method to integrate a full width slider for Default Theme in OpenCart.
- Brand New

This extension will add a full width slider in OpenCart. It will be appear when it is activated in Modules and Layout. Also you need a active set of Banners.
Impress your visitors with a full width slideshow. Try now!


  • Easy in use. Select your banners via 'Design' > 'Banners'.
  • The design of the full width slider is the same as the default slideshow, so it will fit in your store.
  • Uses the internal modification system OCMOD, so there is no need to change any core files.
  • English language included, other may follow - you can do a request via comments after purchasing.
  • Future updates included.

Works with OpenCart v2.x versions.

Release information

  • New in v2.0: Support for OpenCart v2.3 and above.


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