How to import products and customers in bulk?

How to import products and customers in bulk?

January 5, 2017   Continuous

A frequently asked question is 'How to import products and customers in bulk?'. So in this article we give the answer to that question. To add a large amount of products it is time wasting to do this one-by-one. That can be done a lot easier, but we need a tool for that. There is a free extension available in the OpenCart marketplace called 'Export/Import Tool'.

With this extension you can import Categories, Products, Option definitions, Attribute definitions, Filter definitions and Customers from an Excel-file. To get the exact format that is needed for import, you need to do an export first.


Tips before you start

  • Always do an export first
  • Notice that this exported file has multiple sheets in it
  • The same fields as in the admin (backend) are required, make sure you fill this in
  • Try to do an import after you filled in three product


Good luck!